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The Festival is organized by Asociación Pro Arte y Cultura, APAC, and is held biannually (every other year).
It will take place from Wednesday 22 to Thursday 30 April 2020
The application closes July 31st, 2019.
After considering the applications received, APAC will be contacting only selected groups until November 30th, 2019.
The locations of the Festival will be:


Ensembles with a repertoire of early music will be able to participate, preferably music out of the American archives.
A group may not be composed of more than twelve participants. Exceptional cases should be referred and approved by the Organizing Committee of APAC.
Generally, a musician, musical director or cast is considered part of a single programme submitted to the Festival. If a musician, musical director or cast wishes to participate in more than one programme, he/she/they must consult the organizers of the Festival and receive prior approval.
All participants will pay their transport costs from their places of origin to Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) and return, including airport taxes and other expenses and fees related to the trip.
The Festival does not pay cachet for the performances, so each group must arrange financial backing in other instances.
APAC will supply each approved participant credentials to enter paid concerts. No courtesy tickets will be delivered.


Participants will offer a minimum of two separate concerts during the Festival. Each participant, whether a soloist or group, will prepare a programme whose duration should range between 50 and 60 minutes in length of performance. Only in exceptional cases may a programme briefly exceed the maximum time limit of 60 minutes, with prior approval from the Festival’s Artistic Director. However, the Organizing Committee (APAC) reserves the right to accept the program in its totality and/or to suggest changes.
In the case of interpretations of music from the musical archives of Bolivia published by Fondo Editorial APAC, the approved participants will use only the original published material. Photocopies of these works will not be allowed unless in the case of authorized exceptions.
If an ensemble is participating in the Festival for the second time, they will not be permitted to perform a musical repertoire used in previous Festivals.
In one or more of the Festival locations, recordings of the rehearsals and the concerts will be made, in order to make high-fidelity audio and video registries. These registries will remain in APAC’s files and will also be distributed. The Festival will highlight each participant’s performance, including 10 to 15 minutes of each programme, in the medium of a CD and commercial video. APAC will deliver each participant in the Festival a CD of the performance.
The complete concert of each group will be offered to the public through different commercial platforms.


APAC will make available the following instruments for participants’ use during the Festival: four positive organs, four clefs, two spinets, as well as an electronic keyboard. All instruments will be tuned to A415 and A440.
In case a musician requests a cello or double bass, he must bring his own bow and strings.
Performers are responsible for transporting their own music stands during the tour.


Some groups will be scheduled to give concerts during Sunday religious services held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and/or other venues. In these cases, the performance will be extended by the introduction of additional works to be performed immediately after the services.


Accommodation will be in double, triple and/or quadruple rooms, with private baths, in 2-, 3- or 4-star hotels. In some towns there are only hotels with up to two stars.
Meals (which include breakfast, lunch and supper) will be arranged and provided by APAC in previously selected locations.
APAC will provide participants, interprovincial transport and insurance against accidents in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and the missions where the Festival will be held.


All participants will supply the following documentation by July 31st, 2019:

a).- A letter requesting approved participation, in which the group indicates that it (or the soloist in the case of their being just one performer) has read these instructions and will abide by all points included therein.

b).- A CD of 30 minutes' length, with music recorded by the group (or soloist), or of musical works published by the group (or soloist).

c).- The attached Application form, with all required information completed. (arranged in the following questionnaire download )
All documentation must be sent in one packet tothe Association for Art and Culture (APAC) at one of the following address:

Asociación Pro Arte y Cultura (APAC)
P.O. Box 3673
Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Bolivia
Asociación Pro Arte y Cultura (APAC)
Av. Busch 552
Telf.: (591-3) 333-2287
Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Bolivia.


Calle Independencia # 568, Entre Lemoine y Monseñor Salvatierra
Teléfono: (+591)-3-333-2287
Correo Electrónico: [email protected]